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10 June 2019

Much depends on whether the book is correctly written: whether the basic idea and idea of ​​the book will be conveyed to the reader, whether the uniqueness of the writer's syllable is preserved, in the end, whether the book will become popular.

02 June 2019

Yes, it does!

An effective book title alone can make the difference between a mediocre selling and a bestselling book.

The title of a book, like the headline of an advertisement or news story, often makes the difference for a customer ...

27 May 2019

Previously, writers were more talented.

Stupid books have always been published.  For example, it is customary to evaluate the Silver Age based on the works of the classics, but at the same time, works were printed that the modern reader will not ...

23 May 2019

1. A Canadian linguist Alexander Arguelles, who lives in White Rock, British Columbia, is a
verified living polyglot holding the current Guinness World Record (in 1985) for speaking the
most languages. Guinness team confirmed that he had a working ...

13 May 2019

Do you want to write a research paper or a popular science book? Then this article is for you!

The first scientific works were created in various genres: in the form of treatises, discourses, teachings, dialogues, travels, biographies, and even ...

10 May 2019

The question of how to come up with a theme for the book is one of the most
important ones for many writers. Today we will talk on this topic.

1. Write about what you like, what inspires you
This is perhaps the easiest way to write a book. ...

03 May 2019

There are several hundred book exhibitions in the world every year. We will talk
about the most interesting exhibitions in 2019.

The Eurasian Book Fair 2019 ( is held from
April 24 to April 27 in Astana, Kazakhstan. ...

22 April 2019

There are more than 6,500 languages spoken around the world today, but many of them have very few speakers. To some of the communities that speak these languages, it’s more than just communication. It’s about holding onto their past, their ancestors ...

26 March 2019

Reading should be an integral part of your life. If you don’t read books, you omit a lot.

1. Reading improves imagination.

When we read, we replenish our vocabulary, develop memory, figurative thinking. We present and remember smells, sounds, ...

19 March 2019

The modern world can be called a paradise for book lovers! Thanks to talented translation experts, acquaintance with the best works of writers from various countries in every corner of the planet is not a problem today! And thanks to gadgets and the ...