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14 April 2021

Technical Documentation Translation For Construction Equipment

Technical documentation guarantees the proper installation and operation of foreign-made equipment, so its translation must be absolutely correct, all definitions of terms, ...

12 April 2021


Effectively selling your product or service in a foreign market means a creative translation of your brand message to your target audience.
In many cases, a grammatically correct and accurate ...

06 April 2021


1️⃣German is the native language of 105 million people and another 80 million people speak it as a foreign language. About 7% of all Internet users are native German speakers and about 12% of searches on Google are in ...

02 April 2021

Mobile Apps Localization: The Main Challenges

Completing a localization project can be a challenging task. There are many challenges and success factors that affect the workflow.

That's why we at Ordentop decided to share our years of ...

31 March 2021


Subtitles have long been an integral element of various videos, such as movies, instructional videos, clips for YouTube channels, commercials, etc.
Some platforms, including YouTube, offer ...

23 March 2021

Facebook Self-Publishing Platform
Soon, Facebook is going to launch a self-publishing platform for writers and journalists that will allow them to monetize their content.

It was reported on Tuesday that social giant Facebook confirmed its plans ...

19 March 2021

5 Factors To Be Aware Of When Choosing a translation service provider 🈚️
The world is one large marketplace these days. Content translation is the key to expanding into new markets. At a low cost, content translation can greatly increase a ...

19 March 2021

Historical novels' series translation

There are many linguists who know foreign languages well, but not everyone can cope with the translation of a historical text. A historical translation requires a specialist to know not only the language but ...

12 March 2021

4 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Needs Translation
Developing an effective marketing strategy is one of the biggest challenges of operating a successful business these days. The key is to determine the best way to use different marketing ...

10 March 2021


Game localization means the adaptation of technical, visual, and sound material for the new region. There are different levels of product translation. The most advanced and high-quality approach is not to translate the ...