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03 December 2020

Homeopathic Book Translation
Homeopathic book translation as well as medical translation is, as a rule, the most complex and most responsible subject. The patient's future and health sometimes depend on the quality of the translation. However, the ...

26 November 2020

Useful Tips For Reading Multiple Books At The Same Time
Useful tips for reading multiple books at the same time can be helpful for different book lovers and people.
1️⃣Set aside the time for reading.
If you don't read a book, you will slow down ...

24 November 2020

Publishing houses are organizations with a proven reputation in the book market. Traditional publishing can help you to become a successful author.

Usually, they have good connections with agents, editors, ...

20 November 2020

Whether you're writing an email, a blog post or a complete novel, you'll likely need the right applications and tools. This leads to the question: which applications are best suited to help you with writing.

While Google Docs and Microsoft Word ...

17 November 2020

Esoteric, in simple words, is a set of secret knowledge that is available only to selected people. In Greek, the word "esoteric" literally means "internal".✨

People are different and look at reality in different ways: ...

14 November 2020

The excitement around the name Joan Rowling has been almost constant ever since the first book about the little wizard Harry Potter was published. Here are the most interesting facts about the author of cult books about the magic world.
1️⃣During ...

11 November 2020


Nowadays, self-publishing methods have increased in popularity dramatically.

🔸So, what is self-publishing?
It is the act of publishing your book independently on a platform such as Amazon, without the need for traditional ...

02 November 2020

We are responsible for our health and long-life thanks to high-quality medicine, which is constantly developing. Methods and equipment are being improved, new drugs and medicines are being created, vaccines and serums are being developed. Millions ...

30 October 2020

Translation makes the world turn around; whether for business or leisure, without translation communication would stop.
Let’s dive into some interesting facts about translation!

1️⃣Translation is derived from Latin word ‘translationis’ which ...

27 October 2020

How reading habits have changed during the COVID-19 lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a spontaneous change in all parts of our daily lives. Many people isolated themselves in their homes. They could not go to movies, theaters, and friends ...