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12 May 2021

Translation and DTP of Agricultural Equipment Catalogs

Translations for agribusiness are usually performed by professional linguists who specialize in translation services in the agricultural sector. 

The translation of product ...

11 May 2021

5 Factors that Affect Translation Turnaround Time⠀
Translation is always an amazing but complex process, full of hidden obstacles and potential delays. What can affect the speed of translation?

1️⃣The size of the project: Of course, the larger ...

05 May 2021

The Features of Subtitling Translation

Nowadays, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and other companies use subtitles for their videos. All of these companies have millions of active users and paid subscribers, and they have reached their ...

01 May 2021

The Essential Importance of Clinical Trials Translation

The necessity for global coordination of clinical trials was particularly clear last year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although most clinical trials are performed in the country ...

28 April 2021

Children's Book Series Translation
It often feels that children's literature is, of course, simpler than adult literature.

Children's literature is a rather complicated concept since it usually includes works for young children and literature ...

25 April 2021

The Best Marketing Concepts To Know Before Translating The Content
The decision to expand your business and enter into international markets is a fantastic way to attract new customers and increase the number of sales. However, achieving this goal ...

22 April 2021


Do you need to translate your book?

The serious entrepreneurial authors of the 21st century cannot ignore the growing market abroad. In addition, it is also foolish to underestimate the amount of ...

19 April 2021


Doing business internationally imposes some legal obligations on you. Tax laws vary, risk management strategies must adapt to local markets, and you must have a constant flow of financial reports and marketing ...

14 April 2021

Technical Documentation Translation For Construction Equipment

Technical documentation guarantees the proper installation and operation of foreign-made equipment, so its translation must be absolutely correct, all definitions of terms, ...

12 April 2021


Effectively selling your product or service in a foreign market means a creative translation of your brand message to your target audience.
In many cases, a grammatically correct and accurate ...