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18 June 2021

An accurate text translation is crucial to a company's future success in broadening its market reach.

Spelling mistakes in translations can cut a company's sales in half. Incorrect translation can potentially slow down a company's growth and ...

15 June 2021

Nowadays, many people around the world use a smartphone, tablet or computer every day, so promoting brand videos has become an important part of every company's marketing strategy.✨

Given how important brand videos are in their original ...

08 June 2021

Subtitles are an essential part of various videos, such as movies, instructional videos, YouTube videos, commercials, etc. Some platforms, including YouTube, offer automatic captioning, but it is not always the same as ...

04 June 2021

Video conferencing has helped to revolutionize employee interaction with each other by allowing businesses to connect no matter where they are in the world.

From market research to e-learning, the ability to communicate with audiences in their ...

01 June 2021

Creating a global-friendly website is important for a business that works with multicultural audiences. A global website easily attracts the attention of different users.🌎

Here are the best ways to develop a global web design:
1️⃣Try to avoid ...

28 May 2021

The choice between a translation agency and a freelance interpreter can be a difficult one. Both options have their benefits and weaknesses, so you should analyze your needs well before making a decision.

A freelancer is a specialist who works ...

25 May 2021

Machine Engineering Book Translation

Mechanical engineering is a huge industry that develops and produces all kinds of equipment, machinery, tools, consumer goods, and much more. This industry includes metal-intensive, science-intensive, and ...

21 May 2021


By the end of 2021, the number of connected wearable devices in the world will reach 929 million - can wearable interpreters be a key part of this growth?

Recently, significant progress has been made toward the ultimate goal of creating ...

18 May 2021

3 reasons why Chinese translations can be challenging

In our recent articles, we have mentioned the difficulties and comic situations that can happen in translation, especially with Chinese. Let's take a look at why Chinese is so challenging ...