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21 October 2020

Technical translation has its own specifics, and its main features include the need for the most accurate description of technological processes, competent translation of highly specialized terms, and compliance with the appropriate style of ...

16 October 2020

Why you need professional language translation services🈹

Some global companies do not think about how important it is to hire professional translators. Let's see, why do we need professional translators?
Translation is never just a mechanical ...

13 October 2020

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2020🏆⠀
Just a few days ago, the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Louise Glück, one of America’s most celebrated poets.

The award was announced at a news conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

❓So, who is ...

09 October 2020

1️⃣Use the thesaurus📖

You should not use the same words over and over again, it is always better to try something new for a change.
Do it to expand your vocabulary.

➡️Example: "I am so happy that your business is doing better than you ...

02 October 2020

Do you know how many words are there in English? The second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary contains 171,476 words which are used today. But, what are the longest words in modern usage?

Many of the longest words in the dictionary are ...

29 September 2020

The official languages are the languages in which all official United Nations documents are available. The working languages are used for communication between staff members.

At present, the official and working languages of the United Nations ...

25 September 2020


1️⃣St. Jerome (347-420 AD)

Saint Jerome is particularly important for having made a translation of the Bible which came to be called the Vulgate. It is not the most critical edition of the Bible, but its ...

22 September 2020

Nowadays, in the context of globalization, cooperation at the international level, common activities, and projects come to the forefront, so in today's world, the use of English is becoming increasingly important as the main international language ...

18 September 2020


1️⃣Chinese is one of the most spoken mother tongues in the world
🤯Can you imagine?
One in six people in the world can speak Chinese.

Over a billion native speakers speak Chinese as their mother tongue. ...

11 September 2020


Nowadays translation is a high-tech and high-speed affair but how did it look long time ago?

📝The word ‘translation’ comes from a Latin term which means “to bring or carry across”. Also, there is another ...