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08 July 2020

Let's review 3 the most common myths about translation: ⠀


Around 20% of the world speaks English, with only 5% speaking it as their native language. Chinese and Spanish are in ...

01 July 2020

At OrdenTop, we help a range of businesses to create multilingual versions of their e-Learning materials and courseware.

Multimedia content is becoming a fundamental part of e-Learning; creating foreign language content is key for businesses with ...

25 June 2020

The ecommerce market is undoubtedly the biggest phenomenon to emerge from the connected age. The success of online businesses such as Amazon and Alibaba, and the sharp growth in online spending in recent years, has meant more companies than ever ...

25 May 2020

Today, we are diving into the top 5 languages and taking an inquisitive look at these relics of a different time.

1. Irish Gaelic
Today, Irish Gaelic has around 40,000 speakers. Despite the fact that there are a variety of communities in ...

28 April 2020

1. Format
Interpretation handles spoken language in real-time, while translation services are text-based.

2. Delivery
Interpretation takes place on the spot. The process can occur in person, over the phone, or via video. Translation, on the ...

21 April 2020

🔸Mexico is home to many languages that are gradually dying out, including Ayapaneco. In 1971 there were just forty people who spoke the language, while the 2010 census shows that just four remain today.⠀
🔸Spain is also a country of linguistic ...

17 April 2020

Maximizing global readership and fan base for your magazine takes more than translating it and hoping for the best.

It takes partnering with a qualified language professional who specializes in your field and understands your industry’s technical ...

06 April 2020

🔸7000 different languages are spoken in the world today. Asia alone accounts for 2000 of these.

🔸The most widely translated children’s book in the world is The Little Prince (in 253 languages), followed by Pinocchio (in 240 languages).

🔸The ...

03 April 2020

How important a language is, can never be pre-assumed. Why? In a global community, one thing that binds the marketplace and the consumer under the same roof is LANGUAGE.

Currently, opportunities in foreign markets are on the rise, thanks to the ...

23 March 2020

Translating instructions is not easy. In addition to knowledge of a foreign language, the experience is needed in various fields. Without an understanding of the subject, it is impossible to understand the source material. Qualified technical ...