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29 July 2021

If you work in media and publishing, you know that the rules are very strict. You cannot afford to make a single mistake in your content. Furthermore, your texts will be published where the audience will actually read them.

The rules are ...

27 July 2021

The development of a language resembles biological evolution. It happens minute by minute, generation by generation, so it is difficult to determine where one language ends and another language that develops from it begins.
Finnish was ...

23 July 2021

When you need documents translated, you should consider giving them to a translation agency.

Agencies have many advantages, so let's look at the 3 main ones.

1. You will be able to contact business partners who do not speak your language
⠀ ...

16 July 2021

The film industry can be an extremely profitable and beneficial sector for investors and creators alike. With the rise of widely available entertainment platforms such as Netflix or YouTube, viewers today can watch almost any movie they want.

13 July 2021

Businesses today can trade much more freely with customers and partners located overseas than they could just 10 or 15 years ago with the development of the Internet and other common technological advances. Today, the world is truly a single global ...

09 July 2021

Each year, online communication around the world is becoming easier and faster, and accordingly, the demand for translation is growing.

Translation is a popular profession for those who speak several languages, but is it enough to be a bilingual ...

02 July 2021

The Rising Need for Korean Translation
As Korea ranks first in the world for innovation, the region has become a Mecca for new businesses.

In addition, e-commerce retail in South Korea is predicted to reach nearly $107 billion by 2024, making ...

29 June 2021

Words are a force for inclusion.

Moreover, translation allows people to have access to health information, legal protections, entertainment, and more.

❓So why is it important to consider gender in language?

Some languages, such as English, ...

25 June 2021

Today, SEO is essential for any business, and not just any business, whether it's a website or a simple blog, if you want other people to find your content, then SEO will be at the core of everything you create.

However, SEO-optimized content ...

18 June 2021

An accurate text translation is crucial to a company's future success in broadening its market reach.

Spelling mistakes in translations can cut a company's sales in half. Incorrect translation can potentially slow down a company's growth and ...