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19 April 2021


Doing business internationally imposes some legal obligations on you. Tax laws vary, risk management strategies must adapt to local markets, and you must have a constant flow of financial reports and marketing ...

14 April 2021

Technical Documentation Translation For Construction Equipment

Technical documentation guarantees the proper installation and operation of foreign-made equipment, so its translation must be absolutely correct, all definitions of terms, ...

31 March 2021


Subtitles have long been an integral element of various videos, such as movies, instructional videos, clips for YouTube channels, commercials, etc.
Some platforms, including YouTube, offer ...

19 March 2021

Historical novels' series translation

There are many linguists who know foreign languages well, but not everyone can cope with the translation of a historical text. A historical translation requires a specialist to know not only the language but ...

02 March 2021

Technical Patent Translation
The translation of patents is an important requirement for the realization of economic activities that involve the use of the respective invention. At the same time, it is an opportunity for translators to expand their ...

18 February 2021

Legal Document Translation
The main requirement for the legal document translation is thoroughness and accuracy. That's because mistakes in the translation of legal documents are very pricey.

In addition to care and accuracy, successful ...

02 February 2021

Marketing Book Translation
Companies around the world use business translation services as a core part of their everyday operations.

Translating marketing materials is a much more slippery and dangerous topic than working with common or ...

19 January 2021

Translation of clinical trials is one of the most difficult types of translation. It can only be handled by a true professional, who knows not only the foreign language but also the terminology, in other words, is ...

07 January 2021

Scientific Articles Translation
Scientific articles translation can be quite hard because we often can misunderstand some scientific details and peculiarities due to incorrect translation or inaccuracy.

Our company provides services for a ...

15 December 2020

Annual Financial Report Translation
Many large multinational companies try to present their annual financial report in several languages. Translations of annual reports are important to inform foreign owners and shareholders about a company's ...