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12 August 2019

The Importance of Myths

Myths are the first stories ever told. The kind that was told around the fire to entertain and teach children to distinguish right from wrong — but most importantly, they were told because we needed to make sense of the ...

05 August 2019

7 incredibly beautiful libraries, which make fall in love with even those who are indifferent to reading.


1. Library of Strahov Monastery in Prague, founded in XII century

The library of the monastery is a unique and valuable of the ...

29 July 2019

This term is known from the remarkable book by A. Mitta “Cinema between heaven and hell”. In it, the author makes an interesting observation: the plots of the overwhelming majority of world masterpieces (cinema, literature and dramaturgy) are built ...

22 July 2019

It’s no secret that bright and colourful characters are able to pull practically any, even the weakest story, while the cardboard characters were never loved nor readers, nor even more critics. Therefore, it is very important to do, "carefully ...

09 July 2019

Chuck Palahniuk is a modern American writer and freelance journalist, known as the author of the award-winning Fight Club book.

Today we have prepared an article with 5 tips from a world famous author.

Alternate literary work with life.

01 July 2019

We are used to the fact that a bookstore is a building with shelves, shelves or cabinets with books inside. But what if we are offered to board the ship or visit the building of the former opera?

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Argentina, Buenos Aires ...

25 June 2019

One of the main reasons we read is to make sense of the world. A timeline suggests a past, present, and future. Using one for plotting allows us to see a beginning, middle, and ending.

A timeline helps us choose what to include in our story. It ...

16 June 2019

It is important to choose a model of interaction with the reader from the very beginning. Repeating for someone you lose yourself, do not show the true face and miss what the reader needs from you.

Expert author

This is an option for ...

10 June 2019

Much depends on whether the book is correctly written: whether the basic idea and idea of ​​the book will be conveyed to the reader, whether the uniqueness of the writer's syllable is preserved, in the end, whether the book will become popular.

02 June 2019

Yes, it does!

An effective book title alone can make the difference between a mediocre selling and a bestselling book.

The title of a book, like the headline of an advertisement or news story, often makes the difference for a customer ...