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ISO certification refers to certification by the International Organization for Standardization.

This is an independent, non-governmental international organization, which at the time of writing includes 167 national standards bodies.

By obtaining ISO certification, an organization such as a translation service provider can demonstrate that its systems meet strict international standards.

This gives the organization’s clients confidence that they will receive quality services that meet international best practices.

When it comes to ISO certification for translation companies, a number of standards can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of services.

Here are some of them:

ISO 9001 Translation Services: Quality Management System
ISO 17100 Translation Services
ISO 18587 Post-editing Machine Translation

ISO certification can go a long way toward showing your clients that the translation agency is trustworthy. But it can also serve individual translators well.

Translators feel secure working in an ISO-certified translation agency. This shows that the agency has sound processes and that they pay particular attention to quality.

This focus on quality affects the translators who work for the agency, both as full-time employees and as freelance contractors. They can be assured that the agency will use standardized methods and procedures when working with them, and that systems for feedback and improvement will be in place – not only from the client-side but also from the perspective of the translators doing the work.

🔺 Reaching the ISO standard for translation services is an important step forward for any translation agency. It marks the quality of service, consistency, and ability to satisfy their clients.

ISO certification for a translation agency is not a quick win, but it is worth it for those companies who want to be at the forefront of the market.

How Do You Achieve the ISO Standard for Translation Services
How Do You Achieve the ISO Standard for Translation Services