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Travel Magazine Translation

Magazine Translation refers to the translation of articles in magazines. The purpose of a magazine is to effectively highlight a company’s services through brilliant articles and catchy images.

Accurate and culturally sensitive translation of the magazines can lead to an increase in the number of readers which in turn will lead to a more client base. Companies from all sectors have their corporate magazines which just tell about the history, services, management, etc of the company. ✈

Magazines and catalogs are great tools to market your products. The efficient translation is required for clear communications.

Usually, magazine translation is not a one time job but a recurring one as the most magazine comes out on a weekly or monthly basis. 📃

Our latest project:

📝from 5,000 words monthly starting from 2018
🈯from English to German, Spanish, French, and Russian

OrdenTop has been translating magazines and catalogs for many companies in over 150 languages across the globe. Do not hesitate and order your translation now!