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The Urgent Need For Medical Translation And Interpretation In A Pandemic⠀

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) currently sweeping across the globe, medical translation and interpretation are needed more than ever. The world is in uncharted waters when it comes to dealing with the burgeoning pandemic. Public health officials, medical researchers, paramedics, nurses, and doctors are working around the clock to identify and treat the ill, reduce the spread of the new virus, and to develop and test potential vaccines and treatments. These global efforts require continual translation for knowledge sharing. Machine translation tools like Google Translate and Microsoft Translator can help in this effort, but there is no substitute for skilled medical interpreters and medical translators.⠀

We are dealing with a global problem affecting hundreds of millions and even billions of human beings on the planet. There are about 6500 languages spoken in the world. Already most of the 1.3 billion speakers of Mandarin Chinese, the most-spoken first language, have been affected directly by the novel coronavirus. The world has seen the emergence of Chinese translation services to make sense of what was happening in Wuhan and Hubei province, epicenters of the epidemic. But eventually, as the virus spreads across the globe, there will be a need to translate and interpret essential information into thousands of languages to protect lives and public health worldwide. ⠀

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