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Each year, online communication around the world is becoming easier and faster, and accordingly, the demand for translation is growing.

Translation is a popular profession for those who speak several languages, but is it enough to be a bilingual (or even a polyglot)? How do I start working in this industry?⁉️

As in all professions, it can be difficult to make your way into the translation field without work experience.

🟠 There are several ways to gain invaluable translation experience, such as volunteering with organizations like the UN, Per Mondo, Translators Without Borders and Translations for Progress, or working on small freelance jobs.

🟠 To gain experience in interpreting, you can do internships at international conferences and festivals in your city, such as art/film festivals.

🟠 Join as many professional organizations as you can, use LinkedIn to participate in groups and discussions that interest you, and try to attend local networking groups.

🟠 Research businesses in your city. Are there law firms, IT companies, hospitals, government organizations and language agencies that need translators or interpreters?

Talk to people who work in your field and make sure you don’t miss any opportunities.

🟠 Never give up on expanding your knowledge and skills – take courses at a local college or university, participate in online training webinars, and keep up with changes in the industry and developments in translation technology.

🟠 Never translate material you don’t fully understand. Build your career on quality and responsibility.

Meet deadlines, check with your client for everything you need, and do the best job you can, over and over again.

At OrdenTop Book Translation Agency, we are always looking for talented professionals, so if you think you have the right skills and experience to work with us, please contact us!

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What does it take to be a multilanguage translator
What does it take to be a multilanguage translator