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We wrote about what self-publishing is a couple of weeks ago, but now let’s define what advantages and disadvantages self-publishing has.

The advantages of self-publishing are:

🟩Higher loyalties

Unlike self-published writers, authors with traditional book deals are not entitled to receive every cent they earn on a book. In fact, some writers receive only a 10 percent royalty after their publisher takes their cut.
On the other hand, when you self-publish on Amazon, for example, you get up to 70 percent of the list price. In addition, self-publishing through Amazon or another site allows you to save the rights for adaptations such as movies, TV shows, and even comic books.

🟩Unrestricted creativity

Self-publishing gives you the opportunity for free and unrestricted creativity. When you publish a book through a publisher, you have to satisfy a variety of requirements, including editors, marketers, and designers. Self-publishing, on the other hand, gives you the ability to create and control your content every step of the way. Not only you make decisions about text and a book cover, but you can publish your content in any format, from booklets to workbooks and even multi-book series.

🟩Publish as fast as you can

However, with self-publishing, your book can reach the market faster than if it were done in the traditional way. You can finish your book today and publish it online tomorrow. Of course, authors need some time to edit and proofread their work, but nevertheless, the speed of self-publishing can lead to a quicker release of your book to the marketplace and cash in your bank account. On the other hand, publishing a book with a publisher can take up to 1.5 years.

The disadvantages are:

🟠High costs and no support team

Editing, proofreading, designing, and printing all rest on the author’s shoulders.

🟠 Less visibility

One of the biggest disadvantages of self-publishing is the lack of a high author platform. There is a degree of validation and prestige when an author is associated with a big publisher. In addition, the resources and visibility provided by major publishers can increase the probability that your book will become a bestseller.

❓Do you self-publish? What other advantages and disadvantages do you know?

self publishing pros and cons
Self-publishing: Pros and Cons