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While many consumers around the world have reached e-commerce maturity, that doesn’t mean they are still apprehensive about buying online. Consumers are very aware of their personal safety online, and this is especially true when they make international purchases from sellers from other countries.

You, as a seller, need to keep your customers safe at all times so that they can buy from you with confidence.
For example, consumers in the UK are among the most enthusiastic online shoppers in the world.

British consumers are not known to know languages well, and the idea of shopping on a foreign-language site will be quite alien to most British consumers. However, the American brand Amazon is the most popular online store in the country.

Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly anxious about their data privacy, in part because these issues are often in the news.

There is also some evidence that the rise in online activity is directly related to the rise in concerns. This means that brands may have to work harder to reassure customers online, especially newcomers.

In any marketplace, you need to be transparent about why you’re collecting data and what you’re going to use it for. Many markets impose their own data privacy laws, so you will have to adapt your approach to local regulations.

There is evidence that a significant portion of consumers will actively switch from brands whose data policies they distrust, so your approach to data needs to be part of your competitive strategy.

The world has recently experienced an unprecedented acceleration in online engagement as consumers shift to online methods of doing certain activities and transactions. These budding consumers may have heightened concerns about online security, so the need for safeguards has never been greater.

A good localization partner can help you identify common local market issues and tailor your checkout, payment and data privacy approaches to meet local preferences, inspire trust and increase your chances of success.

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How to Make Consumers Feel Secure Online in Any Language
How to Make Consumers Feel Secure Online in Any Language