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1️⃣German is the native language of 105 million people and another 80 million people speak it as a foreign language. About 7% of all Internet users are native German speakers and about 12% of searches on Google are in German.

In other words, German is the tenth most widely spoken language in the world and the fifth most-searched language on the Internet.

2️⃣German has a unique letter.
The German language uses the Latin alphabet. But there is an additional consonant in German: ß, called “eszet”. It represents a double s, follows a long vowel or diphthong, and is never at the beginning of a word.

3️⃣There are many funny expressions in the German language. For example, the phrase “Du hast Schwein!” which means “You have a pig!” is said in reference to a person who is considered to be a lucky man. But perhaps the most interesting is the way to tell a person that he is minding his own business.

In such cases, the Germans simply say, “Das ist nicht dein Bier!” which translates to “It’s not your beer!” Simple and straightforward.

4️⃣In German, nouns are capitalized. In contrast to English, this rule applies not only to proper nouns – there are no exceptions.

5️⃣There are three genders in German. In many Roman languages, nouns are either masculine or feminine – this is already quite difficult for native English speakers. German can even overcome this: A noun can also be of the Neuter gender. The gender of a word is determined purely from a grammatical point of view. “Das Mädchen” (girl), for example, is Neuter – despite the fact that it implies a woman.

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top facts about german language
top facts about german language