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There was a time when written languages did not exist. So there was no need for translation!
Written communication began with signs and symbols. Then they evolved into alphabets based on symbols and representing the sounds of local languages. Over time, groups of people began to spread and languages clashed. A way had to be found to communicate with each other. Translators and interpreters became the solution🙌
It is believed that the main motivation for effective translation was the traders, because it was necessary to make agreements between nations and nationalities. Over time, the purpose of translation shifted from legal and financial matters to matters of culture, art, and religion. Many monasteries were famous for the quality of their translations.
In the Eastern world, translation originated more than a thousand years B.C.
At the end of the 20th century, computers changed this field forever.
Most translation companies offer instant translation services, and Google translate is available for free online. These translators do not provide reliable translation, but they demonstrate the tremendous progress that has been made in this area.
Tremendous advances in all fields are happening all over the world and are recorded in hundreds of different languages.
There is also the idea that web pages will be interactive not only with text, but also with voice. Pages will automatically adjust their texts to match the language of the speaker.
Translation has come a long way in the last few millennia. But no matter where it has gone, one thing is certain. There will never be a shortage of demands for quality translation in this global world.


The Evolution of Translation
The Evolution of Translation