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Nowadays, self-publishing methods have increased in popularity dramatically.

🔸So, what is self-publishing?

It is the act of publishing your book independently on a platform such as Amazon, without the need for traditional publishers.

As a self-publisher, you must prepare a final project and provide the tools needed to design, market, and distribute your book. You must also decide how many copies will be printed and pay for each copy.

To minimize time and cost, more and more authors are refusing to print and seeking to publish e-books. Currently, there is a large readership for these types of books, which are supported by many electronic readers (for example, the Kobo and Nook lines).

Self-publishing your work in e-book format reduces the cost associated with printing and distributing physical copies, and can make it more affordable on a global scale. Readers around the world can simply find a copy online instead of ordering it and paying (often overpriced) shipping costs.

So, how do you decide which route to choose? There is no clear answer to this question, but there are several factors to consider when deciding whether to publish traditionally or independently.

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Self-Publishing: What is it?
Self-Publishing: What is it?