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Translation makes the world turn around; whether for business or leisure, without translation communication would stop.
Let’s dive into some interesting facts about translation!

1️⃣Translation is derived from Latin word ‘translationis’ which means ‘transporting or transferring something’. And here in Braille translation services, it implies transferring from one language to another.

2️⃣The first translation of the Hebrew bible in Classical times was called the Septuagint. It was translated into a version of Greek called Koine in 200BC. The name given comes from the fact that 70 translators worked on it.

3️⃣Translators work very hard. The average number of words translated each year by one person is around 750,000.

4️⃣ Translation and interpretation are expected to be one of the fastest-growing professions out of the top 15 occupations in the US.
5. Translation is an important field of study and profession. Each year the wonderful world of translation is celebrated on 30th September on International Translation Day.

6️⃣Translation has its own patron saint. This is Hieronymus, who was named the patron saint of the profession after he translated the Bible in the 5th century. His idea was to create a Latin version of the Bible. He called it the “Vulgate”.

7️⃣According to most professional translators, Spanish is the easiest language to translate.

8️⃣The punctuation marks in Arabic and English are just the same, however, both the languages are different.

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Interesting facts about translation
Interesting facts about translation