The most unusual bookstores in the world - Ordentop

We are used to the fact that a bookstore is a building with shelves, shelves or cabinets with books inside. But what if we are offered to board the ship or visit the building of the former opera?

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Argentina, Buenos Aires

The most unusual place was chosen for accommodation this bookstore, namely the building of the former opera house. Many sculptures, frescoes and other architectural details provide an atmosphere that is not only suitable for selecting books, but also for finding inspiration.


Polare Maastricht, Selexyz Dominicanen, Netherlands, Maastricht

Repeated owner of the title “The most beautiful bookstore in the world” really deserves it, because it is located right in the Gothic church with 700 years of history.


Words on the Water, UK, London

This bookstore can be called mobile because it is located … on the boat. Rafting along the canals and rivers of the city, it can moor almost anywhere.

Librairie Avant-Garde, China, Nanjing

According to CNN, the most beautiful bookstore in China is located … in the building of a former auto repair shop. Everything is preserved in its original form: marking, road lanes, etc.



La Feltrinelli 3466, Mont Blanc

The Italian bookstore “La Feltrinelli 3466” was placed at the highest point in Europe – on the slope of Mont Blanc.
The bookshelves of the store fully occupy one of the floors of the Punta Helbronner station of the SkyWay cable car.

Such bookstores are a good reason to travel!