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Every day, it becomes more and more important to write content that is easy to translate.

Ordentop Book Translation Agency shares tips on how to make your content as easy to translate into other languages as possible.

1. Short sentences

Sentence length is one of the most critical factors in readability. Writing simpler sentences ensures that your work is comprehensible in all languages. This is one of the best tips for making multilingual content high quality and engaging. So keep it short!

2. Be logical

Shorter sentences help you write more consistently. But there are other techniques you can use to stay consistent. If your translations have repetitive sentences, it’s best to try to keep the same wording and grammatical structure. A familiar format makes it easier for your audience to read and makes the translation better, faster, and cheaper for you.

3. Be knowledgeable in terminology

Make sure that the same term is used to refer to the same concept throughout the document. By contrast, using terms regularly will allow your translators to provide consistent content in the target language and improve the readability of your texts.

4. Proofreading content

Before submitting your content to translators, you need to make sure that it is in the best possible form.

The easiest way to proofread content is to incorporate it into an automated workflow. With OrdenTop Book Translation Agency we can create a workflow that includes proofreading the source content before submitting it for translation. This method will save you a lot of stress, reduce time to publication and keep your content great.

Our team involves the best book translation experts from all over the world. Only 100% of suitable translators and proofreaders are assigned for each book. We are always ready to make a test translation for you to show our style and quality. And we are always in touch to ensure excellence.

How to write translation-friendly content
How to write translation-friendly content