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Game localization means the adaptation of technical, visual, and sound material for the new region. There are different levels of product translation. The most advanced and high-quality approach is not to translate the material, but to adapt it to the cultural and mental peculiarities of the country or region.

On the one hand, localization of games is similar to the fiction translation of a book, but on the other hand, localization requires an understanding of the technical details of games. This field is one of the most difficult to translate.

It requires extensive knowledge in various fields, a fundamental approach to the work, and a perfect understanding and mastery of the language and culture of the region.

The interpreter should act as a gamer, going through the steps, identifying the key places, making them clear and understandable to the average user. Here it is important to translate not only phrases, words, names, but also the instructions.

The professionals usually present the material in an easy form that will allow you to master all the rules and details of the game.

It is quite difficult to do game localization. Several specialists usually work on the project at once, because it is necessary to adapt both the internal part of the game. During the deep adaptation, some visual parts are changed, for example, the inscriptions on the houses.

The game is necessarily tested after the work is completed to identify gaps, inaccuracies, and readability.

The OrdenTop team includes the best translators of books. They have considerable knowledge and experience that help them to do translations of books better than the originals!

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Game localization
Game localization