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How to test a story idea before writing the first draft

For most writers and authors, there’s nothing worse than the idea of spending a lot of time and energy on a story that goes nowhere. But fortunately, there is a way to “test” an idea before you write your first draft. And in today’s post, we’re going to share with you several exercises that will help you do exactly that.

🟢Write your story summary
Just write the main idea of your story in a paragraph no longer than 2-3 sentences.

In this paragraph, you are supposed to tell the reader what the story is about, what the main idea of the story is, and what content the reader will enjoy. It’s about the who, where, what, and why of the story, but not the how.

When you have finished, ask yourself and others: Does this story sound interesting to me and would I like to read it?
If the answer is yes, you should move on. But if the answer is no, you should rewrite the paragraph to focus on the more interesting parts of your story, or just choose a completely different idea to work with.

🟢Add some lesson to your story idea
Every good book teaches its readers some lesson. Ask yourself, what will readers gain from reading my book? What will they learn? How will they feel when they read my story?

In this exercise, you should write a paragraph explaining what lesson will be learned after reading your story. You can even use it as a conclusion after you write your book.
When you finish writing, just ask yourself if it’s a subject you would like to learn, and it’s worth reading.

We hope that these two exercises will help you, writers, writing exciting storylines! We are always ready to help you with editing, proofreading, design, and translation into 150+ languages if needed.

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how to test a story before writing
How to test a story before writing