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Content is the king when it comes to attracting online audiences, but is this monarch multilingual?

Before translating your company’s content from English (the most commonly used language online) into Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese, consider the multilingual market, message and method.

1. Market


As with any successful marketing strategy, you need to do research to determine which demographic is right for your business. Once you know who your target audience is and where they live, you will need to do more research to find out what language they speak and what language they read so that you can effectively appeal to them and hold their attention.

2. Message


If your company has already created strong branding in its native language, it’s time to translate the main message into the native language of your target audience. Better yet, hire professional translators and editors who understand your business on a universal level and your potential audience on a local level to adapt and convey your message accurately in a way that integrates relevant cross-cultural references in a tone that appeals to your target demographic.

3. Method


Depending on which demographic you’re targeting, your research will reveal which online method will be most preferred, whether it’s using image-rich platforms like Pinterest to attract image-sharing enthusiasts in India or opting for YouTube for an Asian audience with a passion for watching videos. After all, when it comes to multilingual content, it’s not just what you say that matters, but how you say it.

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Multilingual digital marketing
Multilingual digital marketing