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Traveling Translation in Summer 2020

The summer 2020 travel season is upon us but never has a summer looked so different to the norm. Travel is among the sectors to be hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, with international travel bans, more localized lockdowns, and a global aviation industry facing unprecedented challenges leaving businesses and tourists alike unsure of their summer plans.

In light of the global health crisis we’re living through, travelers are going to be more interested in seeing and reading health and hygiene information than they traditionally would have been on holiday. This means that hotel providers, restaurants, and other tourist-facing businesses may need to commission and translate more notices than in previous summer seasons.

Any community public health messages, pharmacy notices, and localized self-isolation information will need accurately translating in a variety of languages. What’s more, with many hospitality staff, and indeed tourists themselves, required to wear facemasks, lipreading will no longer be an option for navigating a language barrier. As a result, more signs, menus, and other documents may need translating.

With the critical nature of the situation leaving no room for error or misinterpretation, it’s vital that these translations are carried out by experienced professionals to ensure all messages are being delivered clearly and effectively – OrdenTop is here to help.