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How to find theme for your book

The question of how to come up with a theme for the book is one of the most
important ones for many writers. Today we will talk on this topic.

1. Write about what you like, what inspires you
This is perhaps the easiest way to write a book. Share your experiences, talk
about what you know and love.

2. Imitate
A good idea to inspire yourself for writing is to read a few books of your favourite
writer and try to analyze how these books are written – style, manner, literary
Try to write a continuation of these books. This is a very good exercise in order to
develop your own style, learn how to create characters and plot.

3. Write about what you see around, fantasize
This is an idea for people with a violent fantasy. Observe others, find hidden
consistent patterns, invent a story about your suspicious neighbour, for example.
So you can find an idea for a cool thriller or horror.

4. Write about what the market requires
See what the largest publishers are releasing, what is best sold on book sites and in
stores. This will help you to find the most popular genres.

And some more useful tips:
– Try to create a unique story of its kind. You have to write something
exciting to entertain the reader and interest him.

– Try to match the genre. If you are writing a comedy, the work should be
fun, for a thriller – full of adventure, and for non-fiction literature – realistic.

– Create a structure: the introduction, main body and conclusion. Then
transfer your ideas to paper. Watch for logical sequence.

The main thing – do not be afraid. Write and delete, and write again. Train and
you will succeed!