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Effectively selling your product or service in a foreign market means a creative translation of your brand message to your target audience.

In many cases, a grammatically correct and accurate translation may not be enough. Moreover, when it comes to a translation to promote your product in a new foreign market, it is important to adapt your message to the cultural framework of the target audience.

No matter what, it is very likely that what is needed is not just the translation of simple words, but the translation of an entire idea, concept, or broader message. The way a brand communicates with its consumers varies from culture to culture and from product to product: translating advertising is a delicate operation as well as a potential cultural minefield!

An advertisement text includes several extra-linguistic components and is understood correctly only when they are combined in harmony. This factor is significant when translating advertisements because it is impossible to translate an advertisement text with the highest efficiency by ignoring these components.


When translating advertisement texts, one must consider the purpose of the advertisement message, the nature of the consumer, linguistic qualities of the original text, cultural and individual possibilities of the language in the cultural aspect of the consumer, and much more.

This approach requires the translator to have a good knowledge of the original text’s subject, what the author of the advertisement wanted to say, i.e. the communicative intent of the advertisement text. While changing the verbal form, the translation of an advertisement text must also be accurate in its meaning.


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The Importance of the Creative translation in Advertising
The Importance of the Creative translation in Advertising