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How to promote your book

If you write only because you like it, you don’t have to worry about advertising. But if you publish yourself and want as many readers as possible to read your books, you’ll have to learn to promote your books on the market. This will help to clearly define your goals from the very beginning because effective book marketing requires some planning and effort at an early stage.

Here are some useful tips for self-publishing authors and writers:

1. Create your own brand name

Branding is an important step for all writers, but it becomes even more critical when you are getting ready to release a new book. Potential readers who are interested in reading your work will also want to learn more about you.

You need to build relationships with your target audience, and the best way to do this (when you promote yourself alone) is to cultivate the brand of the person carefully. 

2. Create your own blog or website

You can help prospective readers to find you before you even finish writing a book. Update your website with articles that will appear in your target audience’s organic search results. 

By approaching the presentation date, you can create hype around your book with contests and book gifts. Publish only high-quality content to encourage your target audience to subscribe to updates. 

3. Use Social Media, join reader groups, etc.

Create an author’s page on Facebook and a Twitter account. Create a YouTube channel with your personal podcasts. Watch which messages and promotions and retweets are most in-demand, and apply your knowledge to increase your social networking experience and communicate better with your target audience.

4. Get reviews from your books

It is very important that you get as many reviews about books as possible, especially for Amazon. The more reviews you get, the more visibility your book will get.

One of the quickest ways to get reviews for your new book is to contact the reviewers of your previous books with a free copy and a polite request.

As a rule, contact the reviewers four times more often than the number of reviews you are hoping for. Follow at least once, preferably a week or two after the first post.

You should also contact influential book bloggers, popular authors of your genre, and newspapers for feedback.

Look for reviewers and bloggers who read your genre’s work. Ask them, ask them, persuade them to read your book and leave a review.

5. Think about creative book cover

A well-designed cover is crucial for selling a book, and this is best achieved through a professional cover design service.

6. Use Ads on Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc.

Besides selling the book on the Internet, you can also advertise it there. 

While creating an advertising campaign means that you actually pay them to sell your book, you will have the advantage. You will enjoy better visibility of your book. You only need to pay when the interested buyer clicks on your advertising and you control the maximum daily amount you want to spend.


What other tips would you like to add? Share them in the comments below.


how to promote your book
How to promote your book