1. A Canadian linguist Alexander Arguelles, who lives in White Rock, British Columbia, is a
verified living polyglot holding the current Guinness World Record (in 1985) for speaking the
most languages. Guinness team confirmed that he had a working understanding of 43
languages. However, the number isn’t exact. During one of his interviews, Alexander noted:

“Now, I can read about three dozen languages and speak most of them fluently, and I’ve
studied many more“.

2. The chosen translation languages are French, Spanish, German and Japanese. English,
French, German, Italian and Russian are the most targeted translation languages.

3. Bible is considered to be the most translated book. Some parts of this book have been
translated into Klingon! However, ‘Listen to God and Live Forever’ has been translated into
more than 600 languages. Also, the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights
has been translated into over 400 languages.

4. Braille is an important way to translate any language for blind and visually disabled
people. There is a Braille Code for almost every foreign language you can imagine! Even
math, computer science, and music all have their own unique Braille systems.

5. UNESCO has an online database named ‘Index Translationum’. This database will show
a list of all the books translated all over the world. Agatha Christie (7233 translations), Jules
Verne (4751 translations) and William Shakespeare (4293 translations) are the top 3 most
translated authors according to recent translation statistics.

6. The punctuation marks in Arabic and English are just the same, however, both the
languages are different.

7. The most expensive language combination.
According to Slator.com, the priciest language pairs in the USA are English – Japanese and
English – Korean with the average price reaching USD 0.57 per word. For instance, in this
case, the translation of a one-page document from English to Japanese or to Korean will
cost you USD 143!

8. According to the most professional translators, Spanish is the easiest language to

9. A professional translator can translate around 250 words within an hour. A translator
working full time can translate around 520,000 words per year.

10. The English language has more than 250,000 words. So, it is important to know the
maximum world while translating into or out of English! And an average person knows
around just 10-20,000 words.