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So, you’ve decided to expand your consumer base and make your content available to users in another location.

Before you send localized content out into the world, it’s important to perform QA (quality assurance) testing.

While this process of testing can be costly and slow down time to market, the cost of releasing content that has not passed quality assurance can actually be much higher than the cost of the QA process.
Low-quality translation or content that is poorly adapted to a customer’s culture can be embarrassing or offensive. It can be difficult or even impossible to recover from such a blow to your company’s reputation.

Types of QA testing

▪️ International Readiness Testing. The QA team will test your product to see how well it will function in different languages, both in terms of content and functionality.
▪️ Functional testing.You need to make sure that the correct translations appear in the right places; that the font and/or text direction in the new language works correctly; that date, time, and currency changes are correct and functional; and that the user interface works as well as it did in the original language.
▪️ Linguistic Testing: It is always a good idea to have someone other than the original translator check the content. This is especially true for Web sites where buttons or menus are often not complete sentences.

What should you look for in a QA team?
🔻 Native speakers: You can’t provide linguistic quality without being a native speaker of the target language.
🔻 Engineering expertise: The QA team should include engineers with technical skills, product knowledge and a deep understanding of the localization process.
🔻 Efficiency: A good QA team should optimize the process to ensure efficiency, saving you time and money.

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Localization on Quality Assurance Testing
Localization on Quality Assurance Testing