Ways of interaction with readers - Ordentop

It is important to choose a model of interaction with the reader from the very beginning. Repeating for someone you lose yourself, do not show the true face and miss what the reader needs from you.

Expert author

This is an option for non-fiction authors and those who write fiction from the perspective of an expert in their field. For example, psychologists who write only on the topic of relationships or biographers, telling about the life of a particular person, or the military, writing novels about the war.

How to promote such books. Through targeted advertising in social networks and specialized communities. Join groups on interests, write comments, communicate with participants, agree with moderators about the advertising of books.

Series author

Readers of such authors are those who want to return again and again to their favourite plot: the world of games, romantic fantasies, detective stories, horror films, etc. Fans of these genres read books quickly, and they constantly need more and more – so the authors-serials write a lot. Also, it is worth keeping the balance on the verge of the expected and the new. Readers want familiar emotions, but do not tolerate repetition.

How to promote such books. Through sites that already have an audience in your genre. The task – to rise in the ranking.

Also, advertising will work if the book appears next to the untwisted works on the same topic. This is done using common keywords, thematic tags and correctly selected categories in the online store catalogue.

Make friends with other authors in the segment: mutual advertising is important.

Personal brand author

Personal brand – the recognizable name of the author, which is clearly associated with books of a certain direction. Not everyone has the strength to build a personal brand because it takes a lot of time and is expensive. Sometimes expert authors and serial authors also create brands, but this is not necessary.

How to promote such books. Through social networks. The task is to earn a name for yourself, that is, to show potential readers that the author has personal charisma and is capable of evoking emotions.

Choose one topic to your liking and identify yourself with it. This is not necessarily an area of ​​expertise, as an expert. Choose a direction: books about spies, books about businessmen, books about poor girls who have succeeded – anything.

Make a direct connection with the reader. Do mailings and regular posts – thoughtful and sensible. Then you can gradually gather around you the right audience. It is advisable to go on the air so that the public knows you by sight.

On a note:

In the first two cases, it is important what the author gives, in the third it is important – who gives.

“Expert” books are designed to solve a specific problem – how to lose weight, how to calm the baby, how to learn to write.

“Serial” books are needed for daily rest and a charge of emotions.

“Brand” books are in demand because the buyer wants to be associated with this brand. Tell me what you read (eat, wear use) and I will say who you are.