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Useful Tips For Reading Multiple Books At The Same Time

Useful tips for reading multiple books at the same time can be helpful for different book lovers and people.

1️⃣Set aside the time for reading.

If you don’t read a book, you will slow down the reading process by starting several books at once. Even if you only have a few minutes per day to read, you can still switch between different books.

2️⃣Choose a few books according to your interests.

Books may or may not be linked, depending on your purpose.
Choose books that attract you. It will be easier to return to the book that you enjoy.

3️⃣Start reading each book, while your attention to it is fresh.

Use your fresh interest to read most of the new books in the first round.
But you should not start several books in one day to read them simultaneously. Instead, try the “ladder” principle by starting the next one before you finish the first one.

4️⃣Mix different kinds and formats of books.

Listen to the audiobook in your car, save the book in a paperback or e-book in your bag, have the e-books on your iPad, etc. Depending on your goal, choose books on different subjects, easy and hard to understand. In this case, you will always have a choice for different places and moods. Reading on different topics will help you vary the books.

5️⃣Plan your reading time, even if it is not very strict.

Do not ignore any of the books so long to forget the plot or in what place you read.

6️⃣Read at once, if you can, the whole chapter or section or at least find a good place to stop.

Reading the whole chapter at a time will help you to keep continuity when you move from one book to another.

7️⃣Read a difficult book, using a funny book as a reward.

Try to spend more time reading the endings.
Endings in fiction are often the most intense part of history. In academic literature, they usually contain conclusions and other important information. One way or another, try to read with more regularity towards the end.

So, we recommend starting with two or three books and increase the number when you have experience switching between books.

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