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Do you know that there is a rating of 50 most translated authors all over the world?

If you think about Leo Tolstoy or J.K.Rowling, then think again. Guess who are the first three authors in the rating of Index Translationum?

1️⃣Agatha Christie

Her mystery works were translated 7326 times from English.🇬🇧
‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and ‘And Then There Were None’ are the most notable translated works.

2️⃣Jules Verne

His science-fiction works were translated from French🇫🇷 more than 4751 times which is almost 3,000 less than the previous most popular, Agatha Christie.

3️⃣William Shakespeare

This author is someone whose quotes we all know very well: “To be or not to be” and “A rose by any other name…”🌹 are among his most famous. It’s not surprising that William Shakespeare is on the list of most translated authors with his uncanny ability to portray human emotions.
His works were translated from English🇬🇧 4296 times.

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