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Helping companies reach their global audience is the main goal of Ordentop Book Translation Agency.

Through our company, brands collaborate with translators, proofreaders and design specialists from all over the world. But what’s the point of creating all that multilingual content if people can’t find your website?

Let’s review a helpful checklist that will help you make your content visible on the Internet.

1️⃣Be sure to start with the right technical aspects

This is the foundation on which you build your website. Your content won’t make it into the top three search results just because of technical SEO, but without it you can’t get close to the first page.

2️⃣Choose the right domain name strategy

Evaluate the pros and cons of all the options and choose the one that best fits your business strategy.

3️⃣Targeting by language and country

Decide if borders matter to your business. If not, you only need to target languages.

4️⃣Use content delivery networks

You don’t have to host your German website in Germany. However, optimize the speed of your website’s most used resources with delivery from the nearest location.

5️⃣Take the competition into account

Take into account the level of competition in your search results. Evaluating the success of your current keywords will help you decide on new target markets.

6️⃣Focus on structured data

With structured data, you can control the image and text used to share information in your local language.

7️⃣SEO localization efforts

Compare your home market rankings to other markets. Find gaps and identify a limited number of areas where your SEO efforts will focus.

8️⃣Choosing the right keywords

After analyzing and consulting your local representatives, find out what keywords you want to rank for in all languages.

9️⃣Don’t forget the meta title and description

Create titles and descriptions for each language that will drive the local user to your page.

Checklist “How to be successful in international SEO”