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Subtitles are an essential part of various videos, such as movies, instructional videos, YouTube videos, commercials, etc. Some platforms, including YouTube, offer automatic captioning, but it is not always the same as the original text.

The main reason is that such materials should not be translated literally, but rather can be localized for a certain country.

Depending on where and how the video will be used, subtitles can be implemented in the original language, or they can be translated.

Subtitle translation is used to adapt entertainment, training, or corporate videos in different countries.

OrdenTop Book Translation Agency can create subtitles for your video as well as translate existing subtitles into other languages.

Our latest project: series subtitles translation

📝over 110 hours of video were translated
🈯️from Spanish to French
📅3 weeks

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Series Subtitles Translation
Series Subtitles Translation