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Mobile Apps Localization: The Main Challenges

Completing a localization project can be a challenging task. There are many challenges and success factors that affect the workflow.

That’s why we at Ordentop decided to share our years of experience with you. We hope these expert tips will save you time, energy, and budget.

It will be a good idea to study the applications market in details.

First, you have to make sure that your application will be welcomed well in the new market and that its ROI (return-on-investments) will be positive.

Moreover, your research should include various details about your users: demographics, behavior, lifestyle, technological habits and preferences, cultural beliefs, social trends, and many other characteristics.

Be ready to provide customers with proper support using the local language and provide a reliable channel for communication (chat, community forum, phone line, or in-app messages).

However, this is important because the sooner you get feedback, the sooner you’ll respond to it.

Cultural features can play a huge role in localization such as terms, jokes, colors, numbers, measures, and whole images.

We advise you to involve professional localization specialists in your project so that native speakers and experienced project managers can handle all the translation’s cultural aspects.

Ordentop localizes games, apps, and websites into many languages. Feel free to contact us and tell us about your current projects.

We will be happy to answer any questions and make a test translation for you.

Mobile apps localization
Mobile apps localization