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Nowadays, many people around the world use a smartphone, tablet or computer every day, so promoting brand videos has become an important part of every company’s marketing strategy.✨

Given how important brand videos are in their original language, just imagine how much more effective they will be in other languages. The more languages you cover, the more customers your videos will get.
Let’s look at a few reasons why you should consider translating your brand videos.

1️⃣Video marketing can be more effective abroad

There are more than two billion monthly visitors to YouTube around the world, so it’s clear that video marketing for brands can be even more valuable abroad. So using the work you’ve already done on your videos by translating them is a great way to reach 75% of potential customers who prefer to buy in their own language.

2️⃣Demand for video commercialisation has increased

When you search for tennis shoes online, you are likely to find videos of Reebok, Nike and other brands. Some of these big, well-known brands are well aware of the appeal and demand for video marketing and have already translated their videos into different languages around the world.

When OrdenTop translates subtitles, we use a translator who is proficient in both the original and target languages.

Because of the complexity of such translations, it is crucial to have someone proficient in both languages.

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Brand videos
Brand videos