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In order for your localization project to have the best chance of success, you need to start thinking about it as early as possible. Preferably, this should happen while you are still in the design stage.


This will help you avoid mistakes when you realize that a digital project created with only one language in mind can’t easily accommodate another alphabet or text direction.

Localization projects usually have a reputation for being slow, time-consuming, and complicated. By implementing localization during the design phase, you can actually reduce the complexity associated with a project throughout its lifespan.

By making the design phase more comprehensive, it can really help reduce the costs and number of issues when it comes to localizing your digital project.

You may even be surprised at how fast the localization process can be if it has been planned from the beginning. While localization-focused design projects are slower at the beginning, they inevitably save time and costs later in the product’s life.

An important part of getting a design and localization project right is creating the right tools and processes for teams to work together. These projects are really complex, and the team must be well-structured and instructed to work effectively.

Any complex design and localization project has 4 main groups of participants:

🔻Developers and QA
🔻Managers, including product owners and project management
🔻The content and language translation team.

Getting these teams to work together and avoid isolation is a significant part of achieving success at any stage of the project. They all need to be encouraged to shift their focus away from their established ways of working and perhaps adopt new habits.

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Localization of digital projects at the development stage
Localization of digital projects at the development stage