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Legal Document Translation

The main requirement for the legal document translation is thoroughness and accuracy. That’s because mistakes in the translation of legal documents are very pricey.

In addition to care and accuracy, successful translation of a contract or a letter of attorney. For example, it requires knowledge of specific legal terms, phrases, and clichés.

It is important to remember that legal translation is almost the most complex and the most demanding type of translation service. Therefore, an experienced translator of legal documents is always a highly demanded specialist with the necessary experience and qualification to translate legal terms as precisely as possible following the requirements for translation of legal documents of an international character.

That is why each legal translation is performed in at least two, more often three revisions: translation of a legal document, its editing, and proofreading (checking with the original).

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📃over 15,000 words were translated
🈺from Spanish to Japanese
🗓️2 weeks

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