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Did you know that adding one language to your product presentation can double your market reach, and adding four can multiply it?

When entering a foreign market, it is essential to have a well-thought-out plan which includes both an economic study of the market potential and the right choice of the primary language for translation and localization.
When entering an international market, factors such as the challenges of international business, language barriers, cultural nuances, differences in tax codes and compliance must be considered.
Once you identify your target customers, you need to make sure you speak their language. You can’t read, you can’t buy – it’s a wisdom that rules the market and can lead to lost profits if your product is not localized.
As a startup that wants to establish its brand identity and values in a new market and foster growth, you need to pay attention to the cultural characteristics of your new customers and/or partners and ensure consistency throughout your content.
Moreover, increasing translation costs can be one of the barriers to effective and rapid global expansion for startups. This problem can be solved by choosing the right translation partner.
However, incorrect translation of product features or inappropriate use of artistic elements in its presentation will prevent it from expanding.

Speaking to a professional translation company will make it easier to enter the market by:

🔸Offering a full range of translation and localization services
🔸Using advanced language technologies to ensure a smooth and fast translation process
🔸Ensuring perfect quality of translation through professional editing and proofreading
🔸Providing a single point of contact for all ongoing translation and localization projects
🔸Creating a system that regulates the translation process will allow your business to reduce translation costs and increase translation efficiency, resulting in faster time-to-market.
You will have a centralized database of translated content that can be used for future translation and localization, allowing your business to scale the process as needed.
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How to solve the translation problem on your global expansion
How to solve the translation problem on your global expansion