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Children’s Book Series Translation

It often feels that children’s literature is, of course, simpler than adult literature.

Children’s literature is a rather complicated concept since it usually includes works for young children and literature for teenagers. Both writers and translators of children’s literature face the special challenge of learning to think the way children think again, to use their language, their symbols.

It is important to understand what will stimulate a child’s interest and what will alienate it. However, it’s also crucial to communicate jokes in a way that children will love them. Moreover,  it’s not enough just to be a good translator, but you need a special child’s view, which will not turn an interesting fairy tale or story into a simple and boring retelling of events.

We undoubtedly have a real love for the translation of books – we love translating books, and we do it from the heart. Our translations are read by millions of people, and we continue to evolve! OrdenTop has the largest book translation experience in the world: more than 3000 books have been successfully translated under the control of our managers.

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Children's book series translation
Children’s Book Series Translation