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The choice between a translation agency and a freelance interpreter can be a difficult one. Both options have their benefits and weaknesses, so you should analyze your needs well before making a decision.

A freelancer is a specialist who works independently and mostly remotely. Many people choose this type of activity because it has many advantages, and the main one is the ability to perform work from anywhere in the world. An undeniable advantage of working with a freelance translator is quite low prices, due to the high competition. Although this cooperation may have many cons:

🔴 The absence of an agreement

Unfortunately, most freelancers do not sign contracts with their clients. This means that you will have to rely on the honesty of the translator, which is not supported by documents. And if such a worker asks for an advance payment for the work, and then disappears, you will not even have anyone to voice your demands.

🔴 Deadline violations

If the contract with the freelancer is not signed, the term of the translation may increase.

🔴 Impossibility to verify the qualifications and experience of a specialist.

Not all freelancers working online provide trustworthy information about themselves. A person who has a linguistic background can be quite an ordinary amateur translator.

If quality is important to you as well as the speed of translation, then the best option is to contact a translation agency.

You will not have to spend a lot of time finding a professional translator. As well, you will not have to choose among many candidates and doubt their professionalism, as in the case if you decide to use the services of a freelancer.

The volume of work, deadlines, and payment will be clearly documented. So you will not have to worry that the order will not be fulfilled on time and the translator will disappear.

Specialists of the agency have an extensive background in technical, legal, and other documentation; they know the necessary terminology and follow the regulations of office work.

The agency’s translators have professional diplomas, which are necessarily checked during the notarization of documents.

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How to make the right choice: Translation Agency or Freelance Translator
How to make the right choice: Translation Agency or Freelance Translator