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Book exhibitions 2019

There are several hundred book exhibitions in the world every year. We will talk
about the most interesting exhibitions in 2019.

The Eurasian Book Fair 2019 ( is held from
April 24 to April 27 in Astana, Kazakhstan. This is the largest cultural and
educational event, which brings together publishing, book-selling, scientific-
educational and printing companies in Europe and Asia on one large platform.
Turin International Book Exhibition 2019 (
international-book-fair) is held from 9 to 13 May in the city of Turin, Italy.
Founded in 1988 as Book showroom (Italian: Salone del Libro), it is one of the
largest book fairs in Europe, involving more than 1,400 exhibitors and 341,000

The exhibition Seoul International Book Fair ( 2019 is held
from 19 to 23 June in the city of Seoul, South Korea.
This is a connection between people who write books, people who make books,
and people who read books.
There is a special gift at the fair – this is a limited edition book that collects articles
written by many authors on a single topic each year that you cannot buy anywhere

The exhibition Goteborg Book Fair 2019 ( is
held from September 26 to September 29 in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.
The Göteborg Book Fair is the most important event in Scandinavia for people in
the book business. It is also a manifestation of arts and culture, a four-day long
literary festival, a tribute to freedom of expression and a place for readers and
writers to meet and celebrate the power of literature.

The Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019 exhibition (
is held from October 16 to October 20 in the city of Frankfurt, Germany.
Frankfurter Buchmesse is the most important marketplace worldwide for printed
and digital content and a great social and cultural event. In October, publishing
experts, writers, players from the creative industry and culture enthusiasts from
across the world will meet here to network, discuss, negotiate, make decisions, to
marvel and celebrate. Frankfurt becomes the worldwide hub of the media and
publishing industry, with ground-breaking, innovative technologies and world
literature you can touch.