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What is the World's Most Translated Website?

Have you ever wondered which website is the most translated in the world? Perhaps the web domains of a wealthy company such as Apple? A ubiquitous search engine like Google? Or how about widely read information sources such as Wikipedia?
While these are all good guesses, they are not the most translated website in the world. In fact, they’re not even close! Read on, and the result may surprise you…
Believe it or not, the official website for the Jehovah’s Witnesses is actually the most translated website in the world.
At present, the website has been translated into more than 990 languages, and there are even dedicated translations for people who use different languages’ variations of sign language, making it accessible for deaf and hard of hearing people too.
To put that into perspective, Apple’s website is translated into 126 different languages, Google’s search page is available in 149 languages, and Wikipedia has content available to read in 290 different languages. By comparison, the Jehovah’s Witnesses home page dwarfs all three of these websites’ localizations combined!
Additionally, the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ physical publications are translated into even more languages and distributed globally — a staggering feat of coordinated translation.
OrdenTop will be keeping a close watch on JW.org over the coming months and years – as well as other well-known websites around the world – to see if it can retain its position as the most translated website on the planet!
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