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Until the COVID-19 pandemic crossed all of our borders, the travel industry was becoming increasingly globalized and tourism was an increasingly expanding sector. Niche tourism, including responsible travel and adventure travel, was a particularly booming part of the travel sector until 2020 brought its growth to a halt.

The adventure travel market is expected to expand significantly by 2026. Once travel restrictions will be lifted and flights return to pre-pandemic levels, niche travel providers should benefit from an inflow of travellers making up for lost time.

More and more small travel companies are turning to international markets, acting as centres of adventure and discovery rather than just single-destination or point-of-departure providers. By working this way, companies are attracting customers from different locations, matching them with travel to different destinations.

To make this model work, service providers benefit greatly from having their websites and print products available in translation. Trust is vital to the travel industry, given the uncertainty we all face when travelling. Fears about trip cancellations, political upheaval, illness, transportation problems and security risks can be allayed if the customer truly trusts the service provider.

A Harvard Business Review survey of more than 2,430 Internet consumers found that 72.4% of shoppers were more likely to buy if a website contained information in their native language. The survey was conducted back in 2012 and wasn’t specific to travel, but given how many adventurous vacationers trust their service provider, the benefits of adding the full translation to your offerings are clear.

In an increasingly connected world, consumers value directness, clarity and ease of access – three qualities you can maximize by communicating with your customers in their native language. In 2021 and beyond, multilingualism could be the most cost-effective way to expand your network and engage frustrated potential travellers desperate to book much-needed vacations.

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Benefits of translation for the travel business
Benefits of translation for the travel business