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Business transaltion from Russian into English

Business translation has a very specific vocabulary and is a laborious procedure. The business language is characterized by the use of neologisms, the so-called special vocabulary special terms (for business translation – economic terminology) and abbreviations that abound in business communications.

Not to lose the main idea, to keep the meaning that the author wanted to convey to the reader is very important, but difficult work. The process takes a lot of time and requests completely immersing in this translation.

But … We managed 100%!
We translated the business book of one of the top entrepreneurs and business coaches of Russia from Russian into English, 38,000 words in 1.5 months!

The business of a book is primarily a reflection of the author and his knowledge, which he wants to convey to us. And we put the maximum amount of effort to convey everything in the translation. We put our soul into this translation and we are glad that the client was satisfied.

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