- Ordentop


It’s no secret that bright and colourful characters are able to pull practically any, even the weakest story, while the cardboard characters were never loved nor readers, nor even more critics. Therefore, it is very important to do, “carefully drawn,” character’s portrait.


Appearance: the first thing to start with. Successfully placed accents and memorable parts of the appearance can be great to intensify the reader’s imagination, to revive the image of the hero. And if the main character’s appearance is sometimes not as important, for minor characters’ appearance maybe only the one thing readers will remember.

Actions: a crucial element by which the author reveals the character’s personality.

Close to the truth statement: there are no actions – there is no character. The main character in the plot, just have to do something – and no matter will be it correct or incorrect. On the basis of each of acts we will be able to judge the hero: empathize with him, or to condemn.

Thoughts: it is necessary to not forget about them. Through the hero’s thoughts is the easiest way to disclose his motives, desires and dreams. The hero can ponder, think, make plans and be emotional – all of this plays into the hands of our plan – to portray the character as a real person. Thoughts and internal monologue of the hero – a very effective weapon.

Speech: the speech of the character is intertwined with his thoughts, but doesn’t go together! This is the interest for the reader: the hero thinks one way but acts another one.

It is also an integral part of the dialogues, which, in turn, can take up half of the volume of the work. That is why work on the speech of the character is extremely important.


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