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Children's Comic Book Translation

Comics are exceptionally culturally mobile: since their rise to popularity in the early twentieth-century, comics have traveled extensively and with increasing ease across linguistic and cultural borders.

Comic books represent not only the typical constraints of language (idiolect, double meanings, idioms, et al.) but also space limitations. As we all know, comics provide information not only through words, but they are also linked to an image, and the translator should confine translation to the space they have.

Keep in mind, text, and image are closely related. We translate text, but that text becomes an image as soon as someone places it in the comic. We must adapt to that image both to interpret the text and to give it its final form. As translators, we must be very attentive to these particularities and take them into account to produce the best possible final product for your reading pleasure.

Our latest project in children’s comic book translation:

📝more than 160,000 words
🈯from English to Dutch
📅during 2019

Our skilled fashion translators possess both the knowledge to translate comic books as well as the talent to create the text linked to an image. Order your translation at 📩