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7 amazing facts about the Japanese language and how they create difficulties for the translator

  • There can be up to 4 hieroglyphs in one word
  • Unlike related dialects, the Japanese language uses a huge number of words, concepts, definitions that have no analogs.
  • The sentences often omit the subject – the translator must understand the essence of the information and understand the subject matter of the document to understand what the text is about.
  • Lexical accents are also very different. The semantic center is at the end of the sentence.
    The specific design of punctuation marks requires careful attention. It is this moment that often causes the distorted meaning of the translation.
  • There are no spaces between the words drawn up in hieroglyphs – another point that requires a deep immersion in the subject from the translator.

But OrdenTop coped with all the difficulties thanks to our highly qualified translators. We did an amazing and quality job!

Translation of technical instructions and marketing materials from Japanese into English for a major manufacturer of packaging equipment:

📍 420,000 words in 1 month
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