6 Hacks To Become A Great Writer - Ordentop

1️⃣Use the thesaurus📖

You should not use the same words over and over again, it is always better to try something new for a change.
Do it to expand your vocabulary.

➡️Example: “I am so happy that your business is doing better than you expected” you can say “I am so excited that your business is doing better than you expected.

2️⃣Read as much as you can.

Reading is necessary for everyone to become a full-fledged person. You will not only come up with ideas easier, but you will also improve your vocabulary significantly.👍

3️⃣Always have your notebook/smartphone with you📒📱

There is good advice never to trust your memory, especially when it comes to ideas and complex thoughts. Write down everything from everyday activities to cool ideas that may pop up during your trip to work.

4️⃣Emphasize the actions

One of the most effective ways to express your actions is to use adverbs.
Your writing will sound more colorful and brighter.

5️⃣Do not use complex and long words

Longer sentences do not make you smarter. In fact, it’s the opposite. By shortening words, you make it easier for readers to understand your content and encourage them to continue reading. It really works!

6️⃣Delegate what you don’t really need to do.

In general, you can’t delegate writing, of course, but there are many tasks related to writing that you can easily delegate.
For example, it can be editing, transcription or even translation.
By the way, you can easily delegate translations to us. We will do the work qualitatively and in time.

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