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An accurate text translation is crucial to a company’s future success in broadening its market reach.

Spelling mistakes in translations can cut a company’s sales in half. Incorrect translation can potentially slow down a company’s growth and profits.

With this in mind, here are 5 ways to ensure translation accuracy:

1️⃣Determine the target language of your audience

Once you’ve identified your target language, it’s important to consult with your translation team, as there are many dialects that can be very different from one another. This is especially important to consider for languages with wide reach, such as Spanish and Arabic.

2️⃣Send a revised document

Never send translators a draft that still needs to go through several rounds of revision. Before sending the document to translators, make sure that it is final and doesn’t require additional reorganization or input from your team.

3️⃣Try to avoid machine translation

Taking translation into your own hands and using an online machine translation service such as Google Translate can lead to serious errors. Mistakes can damage brand reputation and cost the company more than the translation service would have cost. In addition, depending on a company’s field of business, translation errors can harm patients and customers.

4️⃣Choose a reliable translation service

Choosing the right translation service can make the entire translation process easier. OrdenTop employs linguists who specialize in translating various documents, books and other things. We can handle all your translation needs.

5️⃣Communicate with the translation service openly

Communicate honestly and openly with the translation service about what the document is for. The purpose of the document (e.g., to explain something or convince someone to buy something) can directly affect how translators will approach a project.

OrdenTop guarantees the accuracy of all translated texts, carefully checking all translated texts after the work is completed.

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5 ways to ensure accurate translation
5 ways to ensure accurate translation